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With the VERITAS Mastercard© prepaid cards. prepaid card you benefit from the entire strength of the Mastercard® network worldwide. As soon as you report the theft or loss of the card (except in case of gross negligence on your part), it’s immediately blocked. You are then protected from the fraudulent use of your card number. Keep your peace of mind while making your purchases at points of sale or on the internet.

When your cash is lost or stolen, it is gone for good. With the VERITAS Mastercard© prepaid cards. prepaid card your money is secure because it is safer than having it on you.

Fraud Detection and Prevention System

All of the service providers that contribute to the proper functioning of the VERITAS Mastercard© prepaid cards. prepaid cards constantly monitor suspicious transactions.

Encrypted and Secure Data

Data is encrypted in our servers. We have set up powerful firewalls and you access your SSL 128-bit card space on the Internet.

Authentication by Username and Password

Your card number is unique and is used as a default identifier. The password is a complex alphanumeric code that you should change regularly.

IP Identification

Our servers identify where you connect from. Thus, a fraud alert could go off if you connect from different cities at the same time. For example, if you have just made a purchase in a store in Paris, an alert could temporarily block your card if a purchase were also carried out in a store in New York at the same time.

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