Evything is in your pocket:
1 Card + 1 Account + 1 IBAN
  • Carry out most of your banking transactions with your card
  • Receive your salary, bank transfer, commissions, family support, online games
  • Settle your bills by bank transfer
  • Easy cash reloads
Veritas card

New: Dedicated IBAN/RIB included, click for more info here

What is the Veritas Prepaid Card?

  • Works like a current account (IBAN France or IBAN in United Kingdom )
  • A Mastercard® prepaid card
  • Commitment-Free, doesn’t require a bank account
  • Access and Manage your money freely: 24/7
  • Three available limits: €2,500, €10,000, >€10,000 - see details
  • High-quality embossed card, visually similar to every other card
  • Protected by magnetic strip and electronic chip with PIN code
  • Only spend the available balance: no overdrafts, no overdraft fees
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Veritas Advantages

  • A card functioning as a Banking Service for only €29.90 per year
  • No monthly fee
  • For everyone: students, employees, persons barred from banking, liberal professionals...
  • No need to have a bank account
  • Use your card anywhere the Mastercard® acceptance mark is displayed
  • Accepted in 32 million merchant locations and ATMs
  • Clear invoicing, no surprises
  • Easy cash reloads
  • IBAN France or IBAN in United Kingdom
  • Contactless
  • Four available currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, ZAR
  • Your gas expenses reimbursed by up to 8 cents per liter

Prepaid cards are becoming more and more popular but each one has its own distinctive features

The VERITAS Mastercard© prepaid card has brought together the best of prepaid cards: simple, efficient, discrete, elegant, affordable.

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