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A dedicated Veritas IBAN for everyone

Every Veritas card holder has a dedicated IBAN.

The Veritas card is the first card in the world to offer you 2 IBAN of your choice:
in the United Kingdom or in France

How it works?

Benefit from the speed and efficiency of the SEPA system in Europe for your bank transfers to and from your prepaid card.
IBAN OPTION VERITAS is INCLUDED AND FREE for every Veritas card holder, without any conditions.

Major innovation in the prepaid world: the VERITAS Mastercard© prepaid cards. prepaid car offers each holder a unique dedicated IBAN.
The dedicated VERITAS IBAN is a new functionality that completes the range of simple and basic banking services connected to your card.

Without a complex subscription process, each Veritas card holder has access to their own IBAN.
Receive incoming transfers faster, and directly onto your card.
Send payments from your card using your IBAN.

A French IBAN or an IBAN in United Kingdom ? With Veritas you are free to choose the IBAN that suits you.

By default your RIB is in the United Kingdom. When you register, check the IBAN FR box to receive a Veritas card with an IBAN starting with FR (France). Be careful, this choice is irreversible. Once your card is ordered, you can not change the RIB anymore.

What is a Veritas IBAN?

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. It’s the equivalent of the RIB in France.
An IBAN comprises all the necessary information that facilitates transfers so that your money can be sent and received quickly and securely.

This information is, notably, the bank’s identification number, the agency number and the account number.

An IBAN facilitates the automatic processing of payments between different countries.

An IBAN allows for automatic debits.
An IBAN is now included with your prepaid card VERITAS Mastercard© prepaid cards.

What is the purpose of the Veritas IBAN that comes with my card?

Benefit from reduced transfer periods:
Your incoming and outgoing bank transfers go directly through the SEPA system.

Create automatic ingoing and outgoing payments for all of the Euro zone directly from your prepaid card.

Receive your income and your financial revenue into your own account: Certain service providers only accept to send money to a bank account with an IBAN. Now, with your Veritas IBAN, you can easily receive your money.

For example, receive a portion or all of your salary by providing your employer with your personal IBAN.

Set up your direct debits from your own account: Certain service providers only accept payments by direct debit.

For example, now with your dedicated IBAN VERITAS you are able to subscribe to insurance services or energy suppliers by accepting to pay by bank transfer or direct debit.

All customers VERITAS can now set up their recurring payments directly from their prepaid bank accounts.

Where to find your Veritas IBAN?

The dedicated IBAN option is offered with every Veritas card.
Connect to your secure card area and immediately check your VERITAS IBAN’s bank details.

How much does it cost:

You can choose a card with a IBAN in the United Kingdom or with a French IBAN, there is no extra charge.

You have a card with an IBAN in United Kingdom and want to have a IBAN in FR?

It's simple: just order a new card ticking box IBAN FR in the order form.

You have a card with an IBAN France and want to have a IBAN in the United Kingdom?

It's simple: just order a new card by not checking the box IBAN FR in the order form.

You hesitate between a French RIB or a RIB in the United Kingdom?

Take both! Simply order 2 cards by ticking box IBAN FR for one of the card.

Direct debit is currently under integration process and will be available soon.

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