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By choosing theVERITAS Mastercard© prepaid cards. top-quality prepaid card, you have chosen the security of not linking your bank account to your payment card.
That is why VERITAS proposes that all of its customers strengthen security and privacy with exceptional offers from a selection of partners specializing in security, privacy and more.

Strength your Privacy and Discretion

Do you want to surf on the net without having to give your service provider a list of the sites you’ve visited?
Do you wish that your Internet activity were no longer analyzed by third-parties and want to stop receiving target and behavioral advertisement?
Do you want to be free to access the Internet everywhere: Want to unblock sites with restricted access, get around Internet censures and content filters?
With a VPN solution, recover your privacy when using the Internet: mask your identity on the Internet and navigate the web with maximum discretion.
With a VPN solution, you can select the IP of the country of your choice with which you would like to navigate the Internet
Numerous VPN offers are available to surf the Internet with total peace of mind.

VERITAS has selected PUREVPN as a partner and offers
  • If you are not a VERITAS Mastercard© prepaid cards. prepaid card customer, enter the coupon code « PRIVACY4ME » into the coupon field and benefit from a security package that includes your VERITAS Mastercard© prepaid cards. prepaid card and 1-year access to PUREVPN for only €49.90
  • If you’re already a VERITAS Mastercard© prepaid cards. prepaid customer, benefit from a 10% discount (in the form of a rebate credited to your card) for all VPN products purchased at the PUREVPN online store

Once completed, let us know the time and date of your purchase by email. After verifying with our partner, your discount will be credited directly onto your VERITAS Mastercard© prepaid cards.prepaid card within 14 business days.

VERY IMPORTANT: To benefit from this exclusive offer, you must carry out your purchase using the partner link below. Any purchases made at this partner without going through the link button below will not be eligible for a reimbursement.

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