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Your Gas Expenses Reimbursed

Reimbursement of a Portion of Your Gas Expenses

  • The VERITAS Mastercard© prepaid cards. prepaid card reimburses you for a portion of your gas expenses
  • Convenient: this offer is valid at thousands of gas stations near you
  • Simple: no commitment, no membership, reimbursement from the 1st liter when using yourVERITAS Mastercard© prepaid cards. prepaid card in one of the stations in the selected networks
  • Cost Saving: Up to 8 cents per liter of gas reimbursed
  • Valid, depending on your card type
Basic Card Classic Card VIP Card
No €0.04/liter reimbursed, max. of 40 liters/month €0.08/liter reimbursed, max. of 60 liters/month
List of selected networks:
  • In France: Elf, Esso, Agip, Shell, Total, Elan
  • In Spain: Repsol, Cepsa, BP, Tamoil, Campsa, Petrocat
  • In Portugal: Galp, Cepsa, BP, Repsol
  • In Italy: Eni, Shell, Esso, Tamoil
  • In Belgium: Q8, Texaco, Total, Esso, Lukoil, Shell
  • In Luxembourg: Shell, Q8, Total, Gulf, Aral
  • In Germany: Aral, Agip, Total, Avia, Shell

Request a Reimbursement

Offer Conditions:

  • Reimbursement, depending on your card type, carried out quarterly for a maximum monthly amount of liters of gas purchased in the stations belonging to the selected networks.
  • The gas must be purchased with aVERITAS Mastercard© prepaid cards. prepaid card issued and active since November 2, 2012 only.
  • The gas must be purchased at the cashier. To prevent fraud, payments made at automatic pay stations will not be subject to reimbursements.
  • The reimbursement is made after the copy of the receipt indicating the amount paid and the number of liters is sent through http://cardveritas.com/offrespeciale/essencemoinschere.htm#formulaire
  • Every reimbursement request must be made by no more than 30 calendar days from the date the gas was purchased with the prepaid card VERITAS Mastercard© prepaid cards.
  • This offer is reserved to individuals within the limit of one VERITAS Mastercard© prepaid cards. prepaid card per home.
  • Direct or indirect employees of the selected networks are excluded from this offer.
  • Offer valid for the following types of gas: Gas SP95, SP98 and Diesel
  • This offer is not valid with other promotional offers or with offered VERITAS Mastercard© prepaid cards. prepaid cards.
  • The list of the selected station networks can be changed without prior notice.
  • The management of Veritas Card reserves the right to suspend this offer at any time.
  • The management of Veritas Card reserves the right to exclude any person from offers and promotions in the event of non-compliance with the Terms of Use
In order to get reimbursed, please fill out this form.
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