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Issuing and Activation Fee
+Main Card FREE
Annual Fee
+Main Card €29.90
+Monthly Management Fee FREE
+Inactivity Fee FREE

Because it isn’t only a question of money, we donate 2 euros of each card’s fee to children’s charity organizations.

Delivery Fee (including the production and shipping of the card)
+Main Card FREE
+Supplementary Card
(max. 2 cards per main card)
+Monthly Management Fee FREE
+Card Customization
Add an additional first and last name, alias or business name on the card
ATM Fees
+Make purchases at merchants and websites in France FREE
+ATM Withdrawals
(SEPA in euros)
€ 2.50
+Foreign Exchange Fees 1.99%
+Transfer Card Balance in Real Time FREE

Certain merchants and ATMs can charge extra fees beyond our control. Please inquire before carrying out any transactions. Foreign exchange fees of 1.99% are applied to other currencies other than the euro.

Reloading Fees
+Bank Transfer
(varying fees depending on the financial institution)
2.49%(5€ min.).
+Money Deposit
(varying fees depending on the intermediary)
Transfer Fees
+Account to Card
(Incoming SEPA transfer)
2.49%(5€ min.).
+Card to Veritas Card - Outgoing Transfer FREE
+Card to Veritas Card - Incoming Transfer FREE

* All extra fees and optional services are set out in the General Terms and Conditions.

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