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What Is a Prepaid Card?

A card that also functions as a banking service

Yes, with your VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card you can have access to the following essential banking services:

  • Cash Withdrawal: Use any ATM displaying the Mastercard® Acceptation Mark to withdraw cash
  • Cash Deposit: Use the Money Order at the Post Office, Western Union or purchase a reload coupon at a newsstand or tobacconist, or at one of the 300,000 points of sale in Europe and North Africa
  • Pay for Your Purchases: The international Mastercard© payment card works at any merchant location or on the Internet where the Mastercard© acceptance mark is displayed
  • Receive Your Income: Easily receive all or part of your income, salaries and services commissions
  • Receive Bank Transfers: Easily receive a money transfer from your friends or loved ones
  • Send Bank Transfers: Pay your bills by sending a national or international transfer with a few clicks

Who is the VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card for?:

  • Whatever your personal situation may be, and even if you are barred from banking
  • Student? Retiree? Employee? Unemployed? Tourist? Liberal Profession?
  • Yes, VERITAS allows you to have aMastercard® prepaid card and have access to all essential banking services

What is the VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card?

  • The VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card is both a card and an access to essential banking services « A Swiss Army knife of banking services, without a bank account »
  • Have access to a card that functions as a bank account
  • A prepaid card is a card with prepaid credit.
  • Similar to credit cards, your VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card works in all merchant locations displaying a Mastercard® Acceptation Mark, even abroad or on the Internet.
  • The VERITAS Mastercard® prepaid card works like a prepaid mobile phone line. Your card is commitment-free and doesn’t require the opening of a bank account.
  • Only the money available on the card can be spent. There’s no risk of going over budget, or of overdraft fees.
  • A card that can be reloaded multiple times within the chosen upper limit. So, you can recharge your card as many times as you’d like, as long as you’ve provided your identification documents.
  • A high-quality embossed card with an elegant design, visually similar to any other card.
  • A card protected by a magnetic strip and an electronic chip with a PIN code
  • A card managed completely online via a secure access
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