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Just send by email to servicetechnique@cardveritas.com or by uploading in your secure card space a simple colour copy of both sides of the following documents:
- a photocopy of a piece of identity (passport, identity card, driver’s license)
- a photocopy of a proof of residence less than 3 months old (utility bill such as gas, electricity, water, telephone, council tax or bank statement)

All VERITAS prepaid MasterCards© are identical: same design and same pricing. For regular use and to benefit from special promotions, choose a ceiling higher than 2,500 Euros.

The VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© operates like any other payment card accepted by merchants that display the MasterCard© Acceptance Mark. We can only guarantee that our cards will be accepted by the 32 million merchants that display the MasterCard© Acceptance Mark logo. It should be noted that PayPal charges a small amount (on average about 1 Euro) to check the validity of the card. If your VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© does not have the required credit, PayPal will be unable to make its verification and will reject your card.

The VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© is not a credit card and does not require either a bank account, a solvency check or a proof of origin of your income. The VERITAS prepaid MasterCards© is accepted anywhere in the world, at more than 32 million merchants where you see the MasterCard© or Maestro© logo.

Just complete the form on our site. Payment for the card is done by bank card, PayPal or payment coupon.

No problem, the difference will be either credited as soon as you have activated your card or available on your coupon. This depends on each coupon issuer. If the sum is credited, the reloading fees corresponding to your coupon, and as indicated in the general conditions, will be applied.

Check that you are receiving SMS messages correctly. If you have not received it after trying the activation process 2 times, call our services by telephone for manual activation at

The VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© is a high quality embossed and personalised card. Your card is produced as soon as your order is received then sent to your address normally within 8 business days.

You must sign your card on the back then activate it on our website, following the instructions. It should be noted that a card can only receive funds once activated.

The VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© offers personalisation of the surname and first name shown on the card. When ordering, enter the reference you want to see on your card in the specific field (a surname, nickname, the name of your company, etc.). Caution, fanciful names will be automatically rejected.

Your personalisation was considered fanciful and therefore rejected. We automatically replaced your fanciful personalisation with your name and surname as shown on your order.

Your VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© is an international payment card and not just a gift card that can be reloaded only one time. You can therefore reload your VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© every day within your card’s ceiling.

We automatically pay children’s aid associations 2 Euros per activated card. The selling prices don’t change based on this donation. There is therefore no 2 Euro refund for clients who do not wish to support our action.

We automatically deduct 2 Euros from the selling price for each card activated. Once per quarter we randomly select an association to support. You can suggest other associations to be included in our list of associations to help, but you cannot choose to allocate your donation instead of us.

Your VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© is an international payment card. You can use it at your
neighbourhood bakery or at the other end of the world. The VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© is accepted at over 30 million merchants worldwide.

All your friends and family can credit your card with cash. They can either go to a money transfer agent or just go to one of 500,000 coupon resellers (tobacconists, service stations, post office, etc.). The card does not have to be present when purchasing a coupon. The coupon number lets you instantly credit your card online.

The amount of reload coupons purchased from any of the 500,000 resellers (tobacconists, service stations, post offices, etc.) is very quickly credited to your card, unless subject to security controls or anti-fraud measures. Please keep the original of your coupons until reloading your card takes effect. Electronic reloading by bank transfer or PayPal takes between 2 and 5 days on average.

Your secret code will be provided to you once you have activated your card online. If you forget it, please request it again by email, by the message form on the site or by sending an SMS message to 06.500.63.000, or from abroad to +33.6.500.63.000 from the registered mobile phone mentioning “PIN” followed by the last 8 digits of your Veritas card.

You will receive your card along with the instructions required to activate it. Log on to the site and activate the card. Without this activation your card won’t work.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of reasons that could cause a malfunction:
Your card has been damaged by contact with a liquid or a powerful magnet. You must request a replacement card. Your funds will be automatically transferred to your new card at no charge. The chip and magnetic strip have been destroyed. You must request a replacement card. Your funds will be automatically transferred to your new card at no charge. You do not have sufficient credit on your card. Log on to your account and check the available amount. Your card has been blocked on your instructions or by our services which detected fraud. Find out more by contacting us.

By default, the VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© provides you with maximum discretion. You can consult and print your account statements online at no charge, through secure access. Unless specifically requested, your correspondence is held and you will not receive any account statements at your address.

Each merchant has its own rules for merchandise returns. If the merchant accepts returns and refunds, it can credit your VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© as a refund or give you a credit note.

Submit a written request by email or through the website message form. Your PIN will be sent again by SMS. If you still have not received your PIN, contact our customer service or send an SMS message to 06.500.63.000, or from abroad to +33.6.500.63.000 from the registered mobile phone, mentioning “PIN” followed by the last 8 digits of your Veritas card. Note that for reasons of security we do not communicate a PIN by telephone.

You now have a MastMasterCard© that is valid at over 32 million merchants and cash dispensers worldwide. You can use your VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© in stores, restaurants and on the internet wherever you see the MasterCard© or Maestro© Acceptance Mark.

The VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© is often used as an ideal means of online payment. You do not provide your credit card number which could give access to your entire bank account. Furthermore, no statement is sent to your home or banker. You can therefore purchase anything you want online without having to justify yourself.

Online merchants are becoming more and more secure. Nonetheless, be sure that you make purchases on reputable and secure websites. Never reveal your card number by email or during an online discussion, but only on banking or PayPal type websites. With one call and through the MasterCard© system, your card will be immediately blocked and your money secured.

Your VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© is not a bank account. No interest is applicable on your card, neither credit nor debit.

You must immediately inform us of any change of address, name, telephone number or email address. This information is fundamental to be able to correctly identify you in an emergency. Log on to the website and select the tab “Personal Information” to change your information if necessary. We disclaim all responsibility for the consequences if you fail to inform us of any changes to your personal information.

You can cancel your card at an time by email or through the website message form. You must agree in writing that you have physically destroyed the card. Your card will be immediately blocked. Purchase and activation fees will not be reimbursed. Purchases or transfers made or pending and costs relating to these transactions will not be refunded. Funds remaining on your card, once all transactions and fees have been deducted, will be sent by check to you at the address that you have entered in your personal information or by default when ordering.

For your protection, we can cancel your VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© if our services suspect a fraud or illegal use of the card or for any other reason that compels us to comply with the laws in force. We will inform you as soon as possible of such a procedure. In this case, you must provide requested documents. If you are a victim, please contact our legal department.

If your card has a dedicated IBAN, you need to indicate your IBAN into your Paypal account as new bank account.rnUsually to verify a new account, PayPal makes 2 transfers (of less than 1 Euro) to your VERITAS prepaid MasterCard©. Communicate these amounts to PayPal to validate your new account.rnOnce this transaction has been completed, just transfer the funds from your PayPal account to your VERITAS as a conventional bank account.rnWith a dedicated IBAN you receive money from any accounts (bank account, paypal, stripe, 2checkout...)

Like all MasterCard© payment cards, your VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© has a limited validity period. At the end of 24 months, the VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© expires and will be automatically deactivated. A new VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© will be automatically issued and billed at the retail price. Your credit balance will be transferred to your new card only once all payments underway and related fees have been honoured. If you do not wish it to be automatically renewed you can advise in writing 28 days before the expiry date.

You must consider your VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© as cash and be careful with it. Your card is protected by a chip and a secret code against fraudulent use, but it is your responsibility to keep your card in a safe place. Your secret code must be memorized and destroyed; under no circumstances must it be kept near the card nor communicated to third parties. We recommend that our clients regularly check the balance and movements made online. In the event of theft or loss or if you suspect fraudulent use of your VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© your responsibility to notify us to block your card. Once blocked and on your request, we can ask for an investigation to be opened by the appropriate police department. In this case, you will need to cooperate with the police for the purposes of the investigation. A refusal to cooperate with the police will not allow any fraud to be proved. Fraudulent transactions will be refunded to you once the police investigation has proved that you did not initiate these fraudulent transactions and that you have shown vigilance in preserving your card and code. On the other hand, if the investigation reveals that the disputed transactions were authorized with your approval or that you have not kept your card or PIN safe, no transactions will be refunded to you and the costs of the investigation will be charged to your card. Prosecution for attempted fraud may be opened. The opening of an investigation must not be taken lightly. When you ask for this process to be started make sure you are certain that the suspected transactions are not just an oversight on your part.

Your VERITAS prepaid MasterCards© works like a conventional card and you can just withdraw your available balance at cash dispensers or make a written request by email or by sending a message from the website. Once all transactions underway and related fees have been honored, we will send you the remaining amount by check to the address indicated in your personal data.

The VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© works with over 20 million automatic cash dispensers. You can also get a cash advance at some financial institutions that undertake this type of transaction. In this case there is no need for the PIN code, presenting a piece of identity is sufficient. Caution: this service is more costly but it allows more money to be obtained than the limit applied to certain dispensers.

Each VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© holder can send and receive money with another VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© holder. A module to add friends like on social networks allows as many friends and relatives be added as you wish. No more packs of two cards for which the second card is just for withdrawals. Now you are not limited to sharing money, with a single card. Log in to your secure card space and select the tab “Manage my friends”. Add as many friends or family as you like, who hold a VERITAS prepaid MasterCard©. As with social networks, you invite a friend to be added by providing their email address. An automatic confirmation email will be sent to them. Once your friend accepts your invitation transactions between cards can be made.

A maximum of 2 VERITAS prepaid MasterCards© can be issued to the same holder (same name and surname, same address). Having several cards can be very useful for helping between family members.

A prepaid bank card functions only when you reload the money. In addition, your prepaid card is not connected to your bank account. In case of fraud, you can object and ask for an investigation to be opened about an unauthorized transaction. One of the real advantages of a prepaid bank card is that you can reload your card occasionally and dispense your money immediately for an online purchase. Your prepaid card is not connected to your bank account.

Reloadable bank card: debit or credit card?
A prepaid bank card is neither a credit card nor a debit card. It is a new product that lets you load a desired amount of money before dispensing it. You therefore have no risk of exceeding your budget. It’s an ideal product for those who have trouble controlling their spending. A prepaid bank card does not require opening a bank account nor having a bank account.

Through an exclusive system developed by our partner PFS, your prepaid card lets you share money with all your friends who also have a VERITAS prepaid MasterCard©. So there is no longer any need to line up at a money transfer wicket. In a few clicks, you can share money with your friends and family wherever they are. Sharing money happens instantly. Note that each cardholder must have upgraded their card to CLASSIC mode (see conditions and costs).

Your prepaid bank card can be used as an extra card, especially while shopping on the Internet to enhance your security. For example, reload your card just before your purchase with the amount of purchases that you plan to make. In addition, there is no inactivity fee, so even if you don’t use your prepaid bank card there is no cost.

Renting a car involves the possibility for the renter to withdraw additional amounts on the card as a guarantee in case, for example, of a traffic violation, damage to the vehicle, etc. A prepaid card is not linked to a bank account and for this reason renters may want to withdraw an amount as security to cover unforeseen costs in addition to the rental price. Some renters indicate expressly that they do not accept prepaid bank cards. Find out at your merchant before beginning your car rental.

Yes, you can reload your card at the newsagent. One of the means of reloading your prepaid card is reloading it with cash. To do this, just go to your tobacconist and buy a Ukash or Neosurf reloading coupon. Reloading by sale coupon at your newsagent and thousands of points of sale in Europe lets you make occasional quick reloads without doing a transfer or debiting your credit card.

A prepaid bank card does not require a bank account to be opened. You also don’t need to have a bank account to get your prepaid card. There is therefore no check made of your credit situation and no need to have a bank account; even with a banking suspension you can get a prepaid card. A prepaid bank card only works when you reload it in advance, there is no risk of an overdraft.

As long as you are at least 18 years old you can apply for your prepaid bank card. Once the form has been completed and the fees paid you will receive your card in your name at your address. It’s as simple as that. Without any bank account and without any commitment, the prepaid bank card lets you benefit from a payment card that is accepted anywhere the MasterCard© Acceptance Mark appears.

Don’t waste time! Immediately contact our automatic international card stoppage number available 24/7 at +44.207.534.8076. Your card will then be immediately blocked and if you wish you can get a replacement card. The available funds will be transferred from your old card to your replacement card (see fees and conditions).

For the year end holidays or birthday gifts, your friends and family no longer need to give you cash but can pay you money directly by transfer or with a Ukash or Neosurf reloading coupon.
The prepaid bank card can also serve many other purposes; for example, it is ideal and very simple to make a joint gift when friends or family are scattered, each one can easily participate to make a joint gift, arrange a send-off party, a birthday fund, a year-end trip, a baby shower, a bachelor party, wedding fund, housewarming fund, etc... (see fees and conditions).

The VERITAS prepaid MasterCard© is sent to your address once your payment has been accepted. Acceptance of the card’s conditions of use is done implicitly by signing the back of the card or from its first use.

No if you load you card by using your dedicated IBAN and under legal limits.
By upgrading your VERITAS prepaid bank card also you will have the following advantages:
Your monthly reloading ceiling is increased, so you can easily receive more money on your card.
You can now recharge your VERITAS card with a credit card.
You can securely receive bank transfers directly on your card.
You receive our preferred offers.

Yes, but it’s necessary to provide a proof of a physical address in Europe to obtain an upgrade of your VERITAS prepaid card and benefit from the following advantages:
Your monthly reloading limit is increased, so you can easily receive more money on your card. You can also load your VERITAS card with your credit card. You can securely receive bank transfers directly on your card. You receive our preferred offers.

Yes, as a sales courtesy, we will send your card to any country listed on the order form. However, take into consideration that it takes on average 10 business days to receive your VERITAS, as well as that creating a replacement card if required will incur fees. Also please note in any case, you have to indicate into registration form your adress in Europe.

Your card works at merchants and cash dispensers displaying the MasterCard acceptance mark.
However, your card cannot be used in the following countries: Angola, Belarus, Burma, Cote d'Ivoire, Cuba, North Korea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macedonia, Liberia, Serbia, Montenegro, Moldova, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Uzbekistan, Zimbabwe.

This depends on each service provider. Currently, you can reload your prepaid VERITAS prepaid bank card with NEOSURF coupons without upgrading your card. However, you must upgrade your card to be able to reload it with UKASH coupons. To do this, it’s only necessary to provide a physical address in Europe to obtain an upgrade of your VERITAS prepaid bank card and benefit from the following advantages:
Your monthly reloading ceiling is increased, so you can easily receive more money on your card.
You can reload your VERITAS card with your credit card.
You can securely receive bank transfers directly on your card.
You receive our preferred offers.

Do not panic, check your pockets first. You still cannot find your card?
From your registered mobile phone, send by SMS to +33.6.500.63.000 following text " LOCK "
followed by the last 8 digits of your card. ( Example: LOCK 12345678 )
You do not have your phone with you? Contact our customer service by telephone at +44.207.534.8076 . A blocked card does not allow purchases or withdrawals.
Have you found your card after blocking it? Simply unlock your card by contacting our customer service or from your registered mobile phone, send by SMS to +33.6.500.63.000 following text " DEVER " followed by the last 8 digits of your card ( Example: DEVER 12345678 ).

For being upgrade to VIP status and get one of the highest limits available, you must provided certified copy of your ID and certified copy of your proof of address. If you are a corporate, company registrar and company proof of address must also be certified.
Certification can be done by a lawyer, notary or any public entity. Certification must clearly show details of lawyer, notary or public entity which gave certification.
Please note, when you are under VIP status and you reach total load of 15.000 euros, we will ask you to provide source of funds and additional information if needed.
For example, a proof of fund could be a bank statement or an invoice or a pay slip.

Yes but when you receive an incoming wire form outside SEPA, you must use your IBAN and specific SWIFT ADDRESS depending on currency you are receiving.
For instance if you receive USD from United States, you must use with your IBAN following SWIFT ADDRESS: BNPAUS3NXXX
Find below all SWIFT ADDRESS of our partners you must use in case of incoming wire from outside SEPA

AED United Arab Emirates dirham >> BNP Paribas Abu Dhabi BNPAAEAAXXX
AUD Australian dollar >> Westpac Banking Corporation WPACAU2SXXX
CAD Canadian dollar >> BNP Paribas Montreal BNPACAMMXXX
CNY Chinese yuan >> BNP Paribas Hong Kong BNPAHKHHXXX
CZK Czech koruna >> Ceskoslovenska Obchodni Banka CEKOCZPPXXX
DKK Danish krone >> Den Danske Bank Copenhagen DABADKKKXXX
EUR Euro >> BNP Paribas Paris BNPAFRPPXXX
GBP British pound >> BNP Paribas London Branch BNPAGB22XXX
HKD Hong Kong dollar >> BNP Paribas Hong Kong BNPAHKHHXXX
ILS Israeli new shekel >> Bank Hapoalim BM POALILITXXX
JPY Japanese yen >> BNP Paribas Tokyo BNPAJPJT
MXN Mexican peso >> BBVA Bancomer SA BCMRMXMMCOR
NOK Norwegian krone >> Nordea Bank SA NDEANOKKXXX
NZD New Zealand dollar >> Bank of New Zealand Wellington BKNZNZ22XXX
PLN Polish złoty >> BNP Paribas SA Branch Poland BNPAPLPXXXX
RON Romanian leu >> Raiffeisen Bank SA RZBRROBUXXX
RUB Russian ruble >> BNP Paribas Zao BNPARUMMXXX
SAR Saudi riyal >> Saudi British Bank The Riyadh SABBSARIXXX
SEK Swedish krona >> Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Stockholm ESSESESSXXX
SGD Singapore dollar >> United Overseas Bank Singapore UOVBSGSGXXX
THB Thai baht >> Standard Chartered Bank Bangkok SCBLTHBXXXX
TRY Turkish lira >> TEB AS Istanbul TEBUTRISXXX
USD United States dollar >> BNP Paribas New York BNPAUS3NXXX
ZAR South African rand >> NedBank Johannesburg NEDSZAJJXXX

Each physical Veritas card is valid 36 monhts. Only virtual card is valid 12 months only.

You are concerned only if your registration address is in France.
If your documents (ID + POA) have been validated and your card status is CLASSIC or VIP, there are no specific restrictions for you.
If your documents (ID + POA) have not yet been validated, your card status is BASIC.
For deposits by wire: no specific restrictions.
For cash deposits: 250e per month. PLease note this amount limit can vary according with local regulations.
For spending in France: 100e per withdrawal and 250e purchase per month at restricted merchants as variety stores, supermarkets, grocery stores, advertising services.
For spending and withdrawal outside France: no specific restrictions.
To get the most of our card services and remove all restrictions: we advise you to send your documents as soon as possible and upgrade to CLASSIC or VIP status.

No because Veritas is not a trading platform for Bitcoin. But you can first sell your Bitcoins on an exchange platform for euros. Then, just order a bank transfer from your exchange platform to your Veritas using your dedicated IBAN.

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